Warnings about choosing online businesses

Be Careful of Online Promises of Instant Wealth

Often we see daily offers of MLM companies and business opportunities.

I suppose some are making money. They certainly are able to advertise in convincing tones.

It is hard to know which ones work. Beware of those that promise a quick return

of thousands in a month.  Stay away form offers that say push button or no work.

They do not exist in reality. Keep buying lottery tickets.

One thing to do is to check the MLM offer by name on google. Check out the reviews but beware as some are written to sell the product.

Or go the a Forum like WSO and see what the tone of the discussion is. It only takes a few minutes and can save you from wasting your money.

If you are looking for a chance to build a big MLM group that is worldwide and has a store
offering real stuff in over 150 countries you can check out.


But be warned,  building up a group takes some time. Nonetheless, SFI  distributes  members

monthly from inactive sponsors.  This is a help and you may find a diamond in the  rough.

SFI has a great store, runs great penny auctions and has  good games to play for points that

can be used to buy stuff.  Have a look. Continue reading