Is SFI better than the Wealthy Affiliate U program?


Today I want to compare the benefits of SFI and Wealthy Affiliate University. Let me assure that neither is a scam and they both offer you a product (education, etc). Both attract individuals wanting to make money online.

I have been a member of both for awhile over the past year.
Let’s look at some of the features and benefits.
SFI( strong future income) is free to join. All of the training and support is free.

Wealthy Affiliate University allows you a free sign-up for 7 days,  then they suggest an upgrad  at 49.dollars per month or a reduced yearly fee…

Both sites provide lots of training, support from members and a forum. You get answers quickly.

Both offer free gateways for promotion: WAU gives two plus sites as long as you are a member.

At SFI you have over 88,000 consumer products for sale  via Triple Clicks store. Over 3500 small vendors worldwide are involved.

WAU has  an Affiliate program, and a few items related to keywords, blogs where you can make money You must build your blog and drive traffic

Since SFI is a MLM business there is plenty of money. Money comes from Triple Clicks sales  However, you need to promote the store and build a big  group that follows your example. This is often a slow process.
Conclusion: Wealthy Affiliate U is too costly in the long term. Great training and community support for beginners but a lot of the Training is free at other sites (just search) or join SFI. You should be able to ‘graduate’ from WAU in 10 months and stay free as an alumnus…to give input to the new learners. The monthly or reduced yearly cost is just too much.
On the other hand, SFI is free and the possible income depends on daily effort (as in any business). Money flows from sales in the Triple Clicks store.  You need to build a team (MLM) style which also sponsors others and BUY stuff from the store.
Did I forget the amazing penny auctions and games available? After doing your daily reading and checking at SFI you can relax and play. Some are even free. But if you spend your credits at games or auctions you will receive a share in the payout next month.
Links below to WA and SFI and the  Triple Clicks store.

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Warnings about choosing online businesses

Be Careful of Online Promises of Instant Wealth

Often we see daily offers of MLM companies and business opportunities.

I suppose some are making money. They certainly are able to advertise in convincing tones.

It is hard to know which ones work. Beware of those that promise a quick return

of thousands in a month.  Stay away form offers that say push button or no work.

They do not exist in reality. Keep buying lottery tickets.

One thing to do is to check the MLM offer by name on google. Check out the reviews but beware as some are written to sell the product.

Or go the a Forum like WSO and see what the tone of the discussion is. It only takes a few minutes and can save you from wasting your money.

If you are looking for a chance to build a big MLM group that is worldwide and has a store
offering real stuff in over 150 countries you can check out.

But be warned,  building up a group takes some time. Nonetheless, SFI  distributes  members

monthly from inactive sponsors.  This is a help and you may find a diamond in the  rough.

SFI has a great store, runs great penny auctions and has  good games to play for points that

can be used to buy stuff.  Have a look. Continue reading