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For the offer today of a very useful landing page creator

LANDING PAGE MONKEY   BELOW i have made this
special selection of bonuses.
Check them out first. Afterwards you will be linked to the offer.
You get SOFTWARE ..not cheap PLR books..
1. CLICK BAR SCARCITY Timer plugin for Word Press (value 29.00 dollars)
Scarcity sells. Put a countdown timer on any page on your site or blog.
Increase the urgency to act NOW, thus increasing conversions/sales.

2.Jack Jacker Gold (unique software that allows you to jack most any page as your own)
Imagine the power of taking an authority website and placing your call to action at the top.
Also, use HTML to add special code for pop ups, remarketing, etc. Further, you can take
All links on the jacked url and transform into functioning links on your own site. Thus, if a person
clicks on a link it appears to come from your page.
This software has been listed at 79 dollars.
3. Support Chat Plug-in for WP (Value 29.00)

This lets you place a chat feature on any page you wish to have the Support Chat customer interface active. You can put it on as many pages as you like inside of your site. Place a short code on the page you wish to have contact with your reader. They can send you a question and you will be notified by email directly. What a time saver!

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If you buy the offer below from me access to the bonuses will be available
Your bonuses are available at JVZoo on completion of your purchase.
No waiting for 48 hours.
Problems? Email me at, mentioning BONUSES FOR PRODUCT PURCHASE

and attaching your Proof of purchase.
Click the link to see the great offer…LANDING PAGE MONKEY

To your success,
Archie Bower
(Marketing with Archie), Toronto, Canada

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